Two members of the ZAR Executive Committee (Cabinet) of the ZAR government, General Lukas Meyer and Mr JC Krogh accompanied by the secretary of the Government D van Velden visited Pilgrim's Rest during May 1902 to inform the burghers of the peace process and to elect representatives for the discussions at Vereeniging.

General Muller was elected to attend the peace talks and he had to leave Pilgrim's Rest. A restructured line of reporting became necessary.

Van Velden, General Lukas Meyer & JC Krogh

1. Introduction
2. Background
3. Pilgrim's rest
4. Contemplating the making of gold pounds
5. Permission for establishing a government mint
6. ZAR field mint at Pilgrim's rest
7. Workshop and machines
8. Process of making veldpond
9. Cabinet ministers visited Pilgrim's rest
10. The mint commission
11. Final product
12. Medals awarded
13. Veldpond as a reminder
14. How many veldpond were minted?
15. Mining property left behind in excellent condition
16. The last time the dies were used
17. Marshall's book
18. Diorama of the field mint at the empire exhibition 1936
19. Conclusion
20. References