On 1 June 1902 the contributers also received a Veldpond with a blank reverse side on which the name of the receiver could be engraved, as a reminder of the work being done for the Field Mint. These blank Veldpond have smooth edges without flutes. Is is uncertain who got a blank Veldpond. Marshall got two of these Veldpond with the blank reverse side.98 It also seems unlikely that Cooney got one as he eft Pilgrims Rest earlier than the other men and also because he engraved a Veldpond for himself with his name on as reminder.

"Pienaar veldcornet Staats Munt te Velde"

"ZAR 1902" & "WG Reid Staats Munt te Velde"


Left: "Presented to Alexander Marshall by General Vilgeon (sic)"99
Right: "Presented to Alexander Marshall for auld langsyne by AC Pinnar (sic) vc"


Left:  "D Graham Staats Munt te Veld" & "ZAR 1904"
Right: "M.J. Cooney - essayeur - staats munt - Pelgrims Rust"


98Reid mentioned it in his memoirs.

99Both coins are part of the ABSA Coin Collection

1. Introduction
2. Background
3. Pilgrim's rest
4. Contemplating the making of gold pounds
5. Permission for establishing a government mint
6. ZAR field mint at Pilgrim's rest
7. Workshop and machines
8. Process of making veldpond
9. Cabinet ministers visited Pilgrim's rest
10. The mint commission
11. Final product
12. Medals awarded
13. Veldpond as a reminder
14. How many veldpond were minted?
15. Mining property left behind in excellent condition
16. The last time the dies were used
17. Marshall's book
18. Diorama of the field mint at the empire exhibition 1936
19. Conclusion
20. References